Paper Briquette Maker

Mini paper fire briquettes maker
A revised version of our briquette press, designed for simple tabletop working, but built with the same heavy-duty steel. With a free mixing paddle, our briquette press is for sale worldwide.

How to use

First of all gather together waste paper and cardboard, finely shred it and add some water. (At this stage you can add some sawdust or fine straw)  Mix it into a pulp using our free mixing paddle, make sure the mix is broken down into fine particles the smaller the bit the better.

Open the briquette maker and pack in the pulp, pack it tightly with your hands, add pulp to the top of the basket. close the press aligning the head part of the press. Apply pressure to the leaver arm to expel all the water, which will automatically drain from the press.

Once you have completed the pressing process, raise the leaver arm and place the top pressure plate above and out of the way. Take hold of the briquette basket handle and lift upward and out of the press. Remove the briquette from the basket and set aside. You are now ready to make another briquette in the same way.

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Paper Briquette Maker
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