Paper Briquette Maker

Fire logs - Paper fire briquettes
Do you want to heat and recycle and dispose of old paper and cardboard? Here we have something for you, the best paper briquette maker there is on the market today. Our Paper Briquette Maker is made of sturdy steel. It is the latest fast drying system on the market. It is easy to use, the wet pulp is quickly pressed and shaped into briquettes and is easy to remove. Compressed briquettes will be 110 mm by 95 mm by 50 mm.
A mixing tool worth £12 is available for FREE!!!!
Free Standing Paper Briquette Maker
Free Standing Multimate MK-II
This paper briquette maker will produce 110mm * 95 mm * 54 mm paper bricks
Colour may vary
Tabletop Multimate MK II
Use this briquette maker on a table or bench top. Produces 110 mm * 95 mm * 54 mm bricks
Colour may vary
Paper Briquette Maker
Mini Paper Briquette Maker
Budget Multimate MK-III
Use this mini briquette maker on a table or bench top. Produces 110 mm * 95 mm * 54 mm bricks
Freestanding Multimate MK-IV
New Multimate MK-IV This is our new paper briquette maker, again built from heavy duty steel. We have reduced the overall weight so as to save on postage charges. Our presses are also usable for making horse manure briquettes.
Paper Briquette Maker

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Paper Briquette Maker
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Paper Briquette Maker
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