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Paper Briquette Maker

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Fire logs - Paper fire briquettes
Do you want to heat and recycle and dispose of old paper and cardboard? Here we have something for you, the best paper briquette maker there is on the market today. Our Paper Briquette Maker is made of sturdy steel. It is the latest fast drying system on the market. It is easy to use, the wet pulp is quickly pressed and shaped into briquettes and is easy to remove. Compressed briquettes will be 110 mm by 95 mm by 50 mm.
A mixing tool worth £12 is supplied free with every multimate.
Briquette Maker - Freestanding Multimate Press
Freestanding Multimate Press
This paper briquette maker will produce 110mm X 95mm X 60mm (min) waste paper briquettes. With advanced drainage system
Budget Multimate Press - Briquette
Budget Multimate Press
This paper briquette maker will produce 110mm X 95mm X 60mm (min) waste paper briquettes. Quick and easy to use.
Briquete Maker - Tabletop Multimate Press
Tabletop Multimate Press
This paper briquette maker will produce 110mm X 95mm X 60mm (min) waste paper briquettes. Comes with free mixing paddle.
Briquete Maker - Multimate Press - Wall Brackette
Multimate Wall Bracket
The Multimate Wall Bracket is compatible with both the MK-II and the MK-IV presses including the Budget
Briquete Maker - Yellow Bucket
Bucket Tub
These flexi tubs are much stronger than your average tubtrug and they are designed to carry heavier weights and withstand more impact while still incorporating the same amount of flexibility.

The bucket also incorporates rounded handles to make carrying much easier and more comfortable.

Please note these are delivered separately, press not included.
Briquete Maker - Removal Tool
Briquette Removal Tool
Helps you remove briquettes from the press.
Fire logs - Paper fire briquettes

Key Features


  • Free Heat.
  • Eco friendly
  • Burns for over an hour.
  • Easy to make.
  • Can be made any time of the year.
  • Can be used inside and out.
  • Heavy-Duty briquette maker.

How to use


First of all gather together waste paper and cardboard, finely shred it and add some water. (At this stage you can add some sawdust or fine straw)  Mix it into a pulp using our free mixing paddle, make sure the mix is broken down into fine particles the smaller the bit the better.


Open the briquette maker and pack in the pulp, pack it tightly with your hands, add pulp to the top of the basket. close the press aligning the head part of the press. Apply pressure to the leaver arm to expel all the water, which will automatically drain from the press.


Once you have completed the pressing process, raise the leaver arm and place the top pressure plate above and out of the way. Take hold of the briquette basket handle and lift upward and out of the press. Remove the briquette from the basket and set aside. You are now ready to make another briquette in the same way. When using our press the pulp won't leak through the bottom so no need to line the base (as is required in other forms of presses). The is also no need to cover the pressure arm with any protection as I  won't hurt your hands, and maintains even pressure over the whole briquette.

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Questions & Answers



Can I make briquettes out of paper?

How to make quick and easy paper and cardboard briquettes for burning on a log fire. How to make a newspaper and cardboard fire briquette for free.

This is the faster and easier way to recycle your newspaper and cardboard and create effective, long-burning paper bricks.

Here is how we make compressed paper briquettes, quickly and easily, to use in a wood-burning stove.

Paper briquettes are effective fire starters. Want quick and intense heat to boil water? Toss a paper brick on your fire. No wood supply burn paper/cardboard logs instead.

Compressed Paper Briquettes

You make briquettes from newspaper and cardboard to use as fuel for wood-burning stoves If you need the process to be quick and easy there is nothing better than our paper briquette maker.

You can burn split logs and fallen branches from trees locally, you can also use recycled newspaper/cardboard compressed into bricks to supplement the wood. Compressed paper logs burn hot, which is useful if we've been out or away long enough for the fire to die down; plus, they make extremely effective fire-starters.

Their heat is intense, which means there is no delay in generating warmth, and the flame helps even large logs ignite. If there is no dry wood on hand, paper logs can be encouraged to burn a long time. There is no need to fill the chamber of the fire with paper logs; you can burn them one at a time and still receive warmth.

So, what can you do to make your own paper briquettes?

Our quick and easy way of making paper & cardboard briquettes using our Paper Briquette Maker
I believe life is too short to waste hours shredding paper and then wait days for the paper to soak before making something that will only be tossed in the fire and burned. I want the process of making paper bricks to be quicker and easier than that.

There's a hard way and an easy way to achieve just about every goal in life. For a tedious task like creating hand-made logs for a fire, I prefer the easier option, with our quick and easy to use briquette press.

Here is our Briquette Maker, ready for use.

Do shred your newspaper for better results.

The single most important piece of advice I can offer anyone who wants to make their own paper briquettes from recycled newspaper, cardboard, woodchips, straw, and sawdust even adding charcoal (you should not use to much or any glossy colour printed paper). Is to shred everything into a pulp (using our free mixing paddle) this helps extract the lignin in the paper and act as the bonding agent. Flour can also be used as a bonding agent.

Step 1: Rip up your newspaper.

You can shred your paper in a shredder if you like, but the finer you have the paper in the first place the easier it will be, and the quicker it will dry out.

Step 2: Add your ripped up newspaper to a large container of water.

Using our free mixing paddle, you can now mix the paper into a pulp ready for compression in the briquette press. Use the paddle in an electric drill to breakup the paper and cardboard.

Paper briquette making technique.

Because of the strong method of making our briquette maker (out on mild steel and welded together). It is quick easy to use, and removing the finished briquette is also quick and easy.

If you do not pack enough pulp into your briquette maker, you will not be able to get the level of compression needed to expel as much water as possible.

You can continue to pack the press basket repeating with pressing until the press is almost full.
You will then be able to expel all the water using the handle provided which will automatically remove all the water, the extracted water can be collected below the press for reuse.

Step 3: How to press your wet paper pulp into a briquette.

With our press design there is little chance of injury when using the press. Simply fill the basket with the pulp, lower and align the pressure arm, and compress into a briquette as simple as that. There is no need to use any extra force as the press design will remove the maximum amount of water in one go. Our press is well designed and little or no chance of damaging or breaking the press.

The press is made from 2mm mild steel and is welded together forming a strong and reliable long lasting briquette press. There are 4 25mm legs secured to the press with a m10 locking bolt which assists in making the press level on uneven ground.

Can I make briquettes out of horse manure?

We have found that it is possible to use horse manure in our press, the only thing is that it must be added to the usual mix of newspaper pulp, otherwise it will clog up the press and be difficult to remove from the basket.

If I burn the briquettes isn’t it going to stink the house out, the answer to that is no. The briquettes wont give off any foul smells because the odor evaporates when the manure has dried out. Burning horse manure on a log fire

Can I make a briquette out of coffee grinds

Yes you can, if mixed with paper or saw dusk. Video

Can I use sawdust, straw, or wood shavings

There are different types of filling that can be used in our briquette maker, newspaper and cardboard are the most common fillings, but you can add straw, sawdust, wood chippings, charcoal and even horse manure!!

How long do they take to dry?

We would recommend 4-6 weeks

How to use video.

Thank you to Jamie Hubbard from The Worcestershire Cabinet Maker on how to use the Multimate Briquette Press.


You can watch more of Jamie's videos on his Youtube Channel here.

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